BPOC’s First Visitors!

  The clouds have sorted themselves out, and the sun has taken over. It is the end of a long and rewarding day at Basin Pond. Today, we had our first clients and SUP adventurists come visit us here at the pond.  It was a family of 8, turns out they were from. . . The County!  Of course they were! (Ray and I are both from The County!)   After a cup of coffee and hitting it off immediately, 6 of them walked the Tamarack Trail to the dock, and 2 came with me down the Pine Grove trail to launch kayaks. The family was 3 sisters and a brother,and the brother’s family with 3 fun teenagers who were game to try something new.

    Basin Pond is a great place for beginning paddlers, as the wind never gets going too crazily,and it’s small enough to traverse and explore.  This particular morning, the weather was stellar: the sun was sparkling on the water, and a slight breeze kept the horseflies away. It was fun to paddle and swim, switching boats and boards, and be part of this family’s memory in the making.  Ray and I feel very lucky to have landed in this beautiful and magical place; it’s nice to be able to share it with other people.  

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