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A Few Great Titles from Heliconia Press

by Alex Matthews
Whether your interest is in paddling in more challenging conditions, or in learning new skills and concepts that will boost your confidence for sheltered paddling, Sea Kayaking: Rough Waters will take you there. With stunning photography, fun illustrations, and a gold mine of knowledge passed on by expert sea kayaker, Alex Matthews.

YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT: Choosing and caring for equipment; optimizing your strokes and paddling techniques; rough water safety and rescue; navigating through tidal currents; paddling in surf zones; dealing with wind; and much more…

ALEX MATTHEWS is also the co-author of Touring and Sea Kayaking: An Essential Guide, and the award-winning Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking DVD. As a contributing editor, his articles have appeared in many prominent paddlesports publications, and he has worked in both kayak design and marketing for leading paddlesport companies. Details – 136 pages, 9” x 8” , Softcover, Full Color. Price – $19.95 US

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Sea Kayaking Rough Waters (Book)  

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By Ken Whiting
Rolling a Kayak is Ken Whiting’s sixth book on kayaking technique and the most comprehensive, clear and concise guide to learning and perfecting the kayak roll.

Written for both whitewater and sea kayakers, this book provides novice kayakers with foundation skills and step-by-step instructions for the standard kayak rolls, such as the C-to-C, Sweep and Pawlata rolls.

Experienced paddlers can take advantage of Ken’s clear explanations of how to execute advanced rolling techniques, including the Back Deck Roll, the Hand Roll, the Dry Head Roll, as well as how to roll in current, waves, holes and ocean surf. Ken also describes the most common problems that are encountered when learning the various types of rolls, and provides both their solutions as well as tricks for instructors to help students overcome them.

More Details – 88 pages, 9” x 9”, soft cover, Full Colour ISBN 978-1-896980-27-0 Price US $16.95

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Rolling a Kayak (Book)  

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