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Registered Maine Guide Service

When you tour with us, you will be using a top quality fiberglass or polyethylene expedition kayak that is comfortable, stable, and fast. You will be using a lightweight fiberglass or carbon/fiberglass paddle. Listed below are some of the boats in our fleet. Before your tour, we will help you select the kayak that will give you the best possible experience on the water.
QCC Q400X f/g Stable, comfortable, quick to respond; fits paddlers of all sizes
QCC Q600X f/g Fast, agile, high performance boat for medium and smaller-sized folks
NC 15 f/g Sporty & stable boat that is easy to maneuver. Fits medium and smaller paddlers particularly well.
NC 17 f/g Fast cruiser that feels stable in rough conditions. Tracks well without a rudder. Fits a range of paddler sizes.
Riot Brittany poly Seaworthy, responsive, solid. Fits paddlers of all sizes.
Riot Edge 14.5 poly Sporty and fast for its length; fits smaller paddler particularly well.
Boreal Designs Inukshuk poly Stable and sleek cruiser. Re-assuring in the rough stuff. Fits medium and large folks particularly well.
Necky Amaruk f/g Sleek and stable tandem kayak. Great for couples or parent - child combinations. Fits paddlers of all sizes. Includes a rudder for easy steering
Necky Amaruk poly Stable tandem kayak. Great for couples or parent - child combinations. Fits paddlers of all sizes. Includes a rudder for easy steering

For more information on these boats,
please see visit our online kayak shop.

Equipment we provide for your tour includes:
Individual equipment:

single or tandem kayak (see above)
lightweight fiberglass paddle
spray deck
paddling vest (pfd)
paddle float
dry bag

Group Equipment:

GPS navigational device
VHF (marine) radio
spare paddles
emergency medical kit
survival kit
tow line
rescue sling
spare clothing
signal horn

Personal Equipment / Items you should bring include:

water bottles
windbreaker and windpants
synthetic (quick-drying) shorts or bathing suit
polypro or other quick drying shirt

hat(s) to provide protection from rain, wind, cold
sandals, watershoes, or old sneakers that can get wet
strap for glasses (if needed)
allergy medicine (if needed)
medications (if needed)
waterproof camera (optional)

gloves (optional) old bicycling gloves work well
the following cold-weather items can at times be safely omitted:
wool, fleece, or neoprene socks
synthetic long underwear
fleece jacket or wool sweater

Download the above gear list as a printable PDF file

Ray Wirth,
Registered Maine Guide

Water Walker Sea Kayaks Belfast, Maine 207-338-6424 info@touringkayaks.com

photos by Jay Gullixson