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with Ray Wirth, Registered Maine Guide & ACA Certified
Coastal Kayaking Open Water Instructor

We particularly enjoy conducting courses with individuals and small groups. This way we can provide a maximum amount of individual coaching -- your learning curve will be steeper, you'll gain confidence more quickly, and you'll have more fun!

Please consider our Fast Track Course. (Ask us about Summer 2013 dates.)

Because our instruction is one-on-one or small group, we can tailor our courses to meet individual needs and interests. A basic Intro to Kayaking course can last as little as 2 hours. More in-depth instruction can be as much as 3 days and can be combined with paddling to various destinations. A sampling of topics is listed below.

Rescue technique:
wet exit
t-rescue, conventional
t-rescue, modified
self-rescue using paddle float
Eskimo rescue
re-entry and roll,
assisted re-entry and roll w/ paddle float
all-in re-entry and (assisted) roll
rafted tow
rope tow
rentry w/ rescue sling

Paddling Technique:
forward touring stroke
power forward stroke
reverse stroke
forward sweep
reverse sweep
skulling draw
hip flick
hip check
head dink
low brace
high brace
high brace turn
Eskimo roll

Navigation & Safety:
chart & compass basics
GPS basics
tides, currents
wind, waves, & weather
VHF basics

Visit our Resources page for our Eskimo Roll video as well as other videos on kayaking technique.

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