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AT Oracle bent shaft
 AT Oracle Glass Bent Shaft:
This new paddle from Adventure Technology is fast becoming our favorite for everyday paddling. This paddle provides a great mix of lightness and durability. It has enough bite so that you can get a good workout an just enough flex so that it's easy on your body. Most of its surface is concentrated toward the end of the blade, making it most suitable for paddling with a more aggressive, verticle stroke. This paddle is not for everyone, but if you are a strong paddler and/or paddle for fitness this paddle could become your favorite as well.

We've been paddling with AT Paddles for several years now and and are happy to see that AT has reduced the weight of their paddles and improved their ferrule (locking mechanism). The biggest thing that has us sold on AT paddles is the way the shaft feels in your hands. We've gotten to the point where if someone hands us a paddle that has something other than the patented AT Full Control Grip, we'll hand it right back to them. The pronounced ovalling of the shaft together with the ergonomic bend
allows a looser grip and for an intuitive body sense of how your blade is oriented at all times. If you paddle in dynamic conditions, this enhanced control comes much appreciated.

About the Oracle, AT Paddles says: "Our newest design, the Oracle, is the most powerful touring blade we've ever created. With a blade design adapted from our AT2 Whitewater paddle, this touring paddle was specially crafted for aggressive paddling with high angle strokes. Slight dihedral gives the Oracle a more powerful stroke, less flutter, and better stability when bracing or rolling in choppy conditions. Combine the intuitive design with a strong, lightweight carbon fider construstion in the shaft and a colorful fiberglass blade and what you have is a truly efficient, dynamic, and colorful paddle."

MSRP $300
WEIGHT 29.0 oz/ 824 g*
AVAILABLE LENGTHS (cm) 210-215 , 215-220 cm. adjustable
(other lengths are special order)
SHAFT Carbon Blend - Ergo shaft w/ AT Full Control Grip
FERRULE Unlimited Feathering & Adjustable Length
BLADE 610 sq cm - Fiberglass - High Angle Design

AT Oracle Glass, Bent Shaft
 210-215 cm (adjustable) w/ ergo bent shaft.
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Sale Price: $285.00
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Oracle Blade