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The Rispy in Action -- Photos from Our Tours

Mounting the Rispy on your Kayak:

The Rispy Comes With 2 Different Mounting Options:

I. Open compartment:
1) Materials needed: Drill, 5/16” drill bit, permanent marker, and safety glasses.
2) The RisPy is designed to be mounted on the rear / (stern) of watercraft or vehicle. Think about where you would like to position the RisPy so that it doesn’t interfere with any operations. Twist and unlock the mount from the flag base and remove all hardware.
4) Place large stainless steel washer on desired flat watercraft or vehicle surface, you may have to offset a bit to find a flat spot in some cases, Using permanent marker, make a mark through the center of the washer onto the surface to be drilled.
Attention! Before you drill make sure you can reach your hand underneath the deck or inside the cavity to tighten up the wing nut.
5) Drill hole. Insert carriage bolt into the mount , slide large rubber washer onto the bolt. Insert bolt into drilled hole in deck. Then from underneath take large stainless steel washer followed up by small rubber washer in hand Slide both onto the bolt, then use wing nut to tighten the mount down to the deck.
6) Then place the flag base on the mount. Then twist and lock into place, and adjust if needed *

II. Closed compartment (Recommended for Sit on Top Kayaks)

1) Materials needed: Drill, 1/2” drill bit, permanent marker, 7/16" well nut, 7/16" socket wrench, and safety glasses.
1) Place base on a suitable flat surface on the rear / (stern) of watercraft or vehicle. Using permanent maker or pencil make a mark using the center of the base as a guide.
2) Drill a 1/2 inch hole, Insert well nut into the deck. Then place 3/16 inch washer onto bolt. Then insert bolt into base. Thread bolt into well nut , You will need to use a 7/16 socket to tighten down the base and expand the well nut.

* We highly recommend you remove the flag assembly (twist and unlock it ) from the mount anytime you hand carry or transport watercraft and off-road vehicles,

Please use safety at all times. Thank You.

The Rispy is Patent Pending,

Rispy is a Regestered Trademark of North East Visions

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