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Walrus Griffin
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Available in 3 layups: Sport, Pro, & Expedition,
13' 11" x 21.75"
31 - 39 lbs.

(depending on choice of layup)

Walrus Griffin Kayak

Dimensions Weight Cockpit Dim. Cockpit Depth Ideal load Hatch dim.
13'11"" x 21.75" 31 - 39 lbs. 31.5" x 15" 11.75" 100 - 210 lbs. 8" round; 10" round

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The paddling industry has perpetuated this idea that longer is better, but the fact is that when paddling at speeds below 4 miles per hour, a 14 foot kayak is easier to paddle than a 17 foot kayak of similar width. And the majority of paddlers tour at speeds of less than 4 miles per hour.

Quick, nimble, light, sporty, fun -- these are words that come to mind when paddling the Walrus Griffin, a fully capable kayak for small and medium-sized paddlers.

Andy Singer designed the Griffin to be the pup that could run with the big dogs -- both in terms of rough water capabilities and speed -- and, in terms of these, the Griffin is a big success.

The Griffin accelerates more quickly than longer boats and very easily slips along at speeds of 3 to 4 knots. The low profile of the Griffin makes it neutral in the wind -- and gives it an edge over bigger boats when paddled in windy conditions.

The Griffin is beautiful, well-balanced kayak with sleek lines, raked bow, and a moderate v in the hull. It is a low volume, symmetrical kayak with a hull that flares slightly above the waterline.

The cockpit is snug but comfortable -- and provides excellent control for edging and rolling. The Griffin is extremely solid when on edge.  It can be turned without being leaned and provides an instantaneous response when on edge.

A narrow waterline width, excellent tracking, and low wetted surface give the Griffin speed.. A relatively short waterline and moderate rocker give it maneuverability.

The Griffin is an ideal boat for smaller paddlers, and for medium-size paddlers looking for a compact boat for day trips, rough water and surf. The low volume and snug fit also make the Griffin an excellent choice for rolling and for Greenland style paddling.

Outfitting Details:
The Walrus Griffin features recessed deck fittings, ample deck bungies (including fore and aft space paddle setup),  and perimeter lines.  It also includes an retractable skeg, compass mount, recessed cockpit rim, padded thigh braces, 2 hatch openings, snap on Sea-lect Design hatch covers with added finger-loops, and a smooth and durable finish both inside and out.

The Griffin LT is a slightly lighter, stripped down version of the Griffin that is especially suited for day trips and fitness paddling. The Griffin LT can be ordered with our without deck lines.  It features a single 10" hatch opening in the stern. A rudder is an additional available option for the Griffin LT since it does not come with a skeg.

Paddling Notes:
For this 5’11” 165 lb. paddler, the Griffin provides an exceptional fit for control and edging. The Griffin is as easy to move from edge to edge as any boat I have paddled -- and feels very secure on edge, even in chop and waves.

Due to its lower profile and shorter length, when paddled in chop and waves, the Griffin provides a wetter ride. Lots of times, this only adds to the fun.

When conducting GPS trials of the Griffin in 13 - 15 knot winds, and using a wing paddle, I found that I could cruise at 4.1 knots going upwind and 4.9 knots on the same course when I turned and headed downwind. The Griffin had very little tendency to weathercock and performed well without lowering the skeg.. 

As a strong, medium sized paddler who has grown partial to the Walrus Jaeger, I can see choosing the Griffin for rock gardening, surf play, winding creeks and rivers, "quickies," and for rolling practice. For smaller paddlers and for those for efficiency is more of a priority than top-end speed, the Griffin is likely to become a favorite for all-around use.

Construction Methods & Materials:
Walrus Kayaks uses epoxy resins (rather than the more common vinylester or polyester), which results in a lighter, stiffer, and stronger kayak.  Walrus  utilizes a process called vacuum infusion (rather than the more common vacuum bagging), which allows better control over the amount and distribution of resin.  The Walrus “base” layup (Sport) incorporates the use of “soric” a high-tech polyester fabric in which  only the channels are injected with resin, resulting in a strong and lightweight material.  The Sport layup is reinforced with unidirectional carbon for additional lightness and strength.

Walrus Griffin LT:
Sport layup 36 lbs. / (MSRP: $2,299.00). On sale for $2,065.00
Walrus Griffin:
Sport layup 38 lbs. / (MSRP: $2,675.00). On sale for $2,395.00

Walrus Griffin LT:
Pro layup 31 lbs. / (MSRP: $2,675.00). On sale for $2,395.00
Walrus Griffin:
Pro layup 33 lbs. / (MSRP: $2,999.00). On sale for $2,695.00

Walrus Griffin LT:
Expedition layup 34 lbs. / (MSRP: $2,899.00). On sale for $2,595.00
Walrus Griffin:
Expedition layup 37 lbs. / (MSRP: $3,199.00). On sale for $2,875.00

Shipping Special: If you have no dealer near you, we can usually ship to you in the continental US for $150.00 to $325.00, depending on fuel prices and distance. We ship either using a specialty carrier or using shipping cartons specifically designed for kayaks.

Other standard Features Include: Contoured seat, padded thigh braces, Sea-Lect Designs footbraces,adjustable backband, carrying handles, safety bulkheads, deck safety lines and shock cords.

Standard Hull and Deck Colors: Medium Gray, Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Sea Foam, Green, Beige, White, Black.. Click here for color samples .

Available Installed Options: Rudder, hydration system holder, electric bilge pump, large size seat, compass, and more.

Walrus Kayaks is a small company in Winooski, Vermont. If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, Walrus can build you a custom boat in 2 - 3 weeks. With Walrus, your dream boat can become reality.

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