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Walrus Kayaks Jaeger

Available in 4 layups: Sport, Pro, Expedition,& Performance
17'4" x 22"
41 - 47 lbs.

(depending on choice of layup)

Walrus Jaeger
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Dimensions Weight Cockpit Dim. Cockpit Depth Ideal load Hatch dim.
17'4"" x 22" 41 - 47 lbs. 31" x 16" 13" 150 - 300 lbs. 8", 8",
10 x 17"


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Take the typical 17 foot kayak with pointy ends, keyhole cockpit, and shallow arch hull.  Subtract ten pounds. Add a v to the keel line to improve tracking and secondary stability.  Add volume to bow and stern and a slight flare above waterline to improve handling in rough water. Widen the front of the cockpit to allow easier entry and to facilitate knees-up paddling.  Stiffen and strengthen the hull. Add the latest in composites materials and expertise.  Build it in Vermont. Top it off with neighborly customer service and options to customize the boat according to your wishes.  Attach a lifetime warranty.  Do that, and you have the Walrus Jaeger.

Design work  inevitably comes down to finding a balance between maneuverability and tracking, stability and speed.  In his design work on the Jaeger, Andy Singer has approached this balance point in a fresh and original way.

Over the years, the 17 foot boat with moderate rocker, fine ends, and a shallow arch hull has become somewhat of a cliche.  As Andy Singer has shown here, there are other ways to design a boat -- there are better ways to create a versatile sea kayak that is fun to paddle in both rough and calm water.

From a distance, the lines of the Jaeger look fairly traditional.  Stepping closer, you see what sets it apart.  The bow and stern ends are sharp but not upswept, and although sleek, carry a fair amount of volume.  A moderate v follows the entire keel line, reducing the volume in the lower half of the boat.  Aside from that, the Jaeger is all convex curves, with nary a concavity (or accompanying bulginess) to be found.  This gives it clean, muscular look, but more importantly contributes to it’s predictability and positive handling in rough water.

Although somewhat nontraditional in appearance, the Jaeger is easy to like and easy to look at. Overall, it is a medium volume, symmetrical kayak with clean lines, a gently arched deck, and a hull that widens slightly above the waterline.

For this 5’11” 165 lb. paddler, the cockpit represents a happy synergy of looseness and snugness. The length and shape of the cockpit opening allow for paddling “knees up” racing style.  The shape of the deck also provides for solid control when the knees are out wide.

As with many v hull boats, the Jaeger well-defined edges when leaned -- and the edge is just where you want it.  The Jaeger turns easily enough on a lean that it can be used for guiding; when on the level, even without the skeg, it tracks very straight

Like all versatile, well-designed kayaks, the Jaeger is an effective blend of characteristics. It gets speed from its length, narrow waterline width, and rail-like tracking. It gets its maneuverability from its moderate rocker and medium chine, which make it highly responsive when placed on edge.  

Put another way,  the Jaeger combines the efficiency of computer-modelled hulls such as QCC and Epic with traditional design features that provide rough water performance and grace.

Outfitting Details:
The Walrus Jaeger features recessed deck fittings, ample deck bungies (including fore and aft space paddle setup),  and perimeter lines.  It also includes an adjustable skeg, compass mount, recessed cockpit rim, 3 hatch openings (front round, day hatch, rear oval), snap on Sea-lect Design hatch covers with added finger-loops, and a smooth and durable finish both inside and out.

Paddling Notes:
When paddled on flat water with a wing paddle, the Jaeger felt fast and efficient.  It tracked and handled well. I iked that the boat held such a good line, even when being powered by a wing.  I also noted that the deck shape in front of the cockpit facilitates good paddle placement at the top of the stroke.  Also again appreciated the cockpit shape that allowed me to paddle in a knees up style.  The seat is designed to allow for full rotation.

When paddled in waves and chop, the Jaeger felt exceptionally smooth and reassuring.  Very neutral in the wind.  Caught small waves easily when trying to surf.  When conducting GPS trials of the Jaeger in flatwater, using a wing paddle, I found the boat easy to bring up to 4.5 knots.  5.2 knots (6 mph) was a fast cruising pace.  The esistance curve steepened above 5.2 knots.

When paddled in winds of 15 - 18 knots, the Jaeger had very little tendency to weathercock -- less than just about any boat I have paddled recently.  During a two-hour paddle in those winds, I felt no need to lower the skeg.

Construction Methods & Materials:
Walrus Kayaks uses epoxy resins (rather than the more common vinylester or polyester), which results in a lighter, stiffer, and stronger kayak.  Walrus  utilizes a process called vacuum infusion (rather than the more common vacuum bagging), which allows better control over the amount and distribution of resin.  

The Walrus “base” layup (Sport) incorporates the use of “soric” a high-tech polyester fabric in which  only the channels are injected with resin, resulting in a strong and lightweight material. The Sport layup is reinforced with unidirectional carbon for additional lightness and strength. The Pro layup incorporates woven carbon fiber for added weight savings and strength. The Expedition layup includes a layer of kevlar, a layer of woven carbon, and a full-coverage soric core for maximum strength.

Walrus Jaeger:
Sport layup 47 lbs. / (MSRP: $3,325.00). On sale for $2,975.00

Walrus Jaeger:
Pro layup 41 lbs. / (MSRP: $3,799.00). On sale for $3,395.00
Walrus Jaeger:
Expedition layup 45 lbs. / (MSRP: $4,499.00). On sale for $4,045.00

Shipping Special: If you have no dealer near you, we can usually ship to you in the continental US for $150.00 to $325.00, depending on fuel prices and distance. We ship either using a specialty carrier or using shipping cartons specifically designed for kayaks.

Other standard Features Include: Contoured seat, padded thigh braces, Sea-Lect Designs footbraces,adjustable backband, carrying handles, safety bulkheads, deck safety lines and shock cords.

Standard Hull and Deck Colors: Medium Gray, Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Sea Foam, Green, Beige, White, Black.. Click here for color samples .

Available Installed Options: Rudder, hydration system holder, electric bilge pump, large size seat, compass, and more.

Walrus Kayaks is a small company in Winooski, Vermont. If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, Walrus can build you a custom boat in 2 - 3 weeks. With Walrus, your dream boat can become reality.

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