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Janautica Anadyr
Sea Kayak

17'5" x 21.5" 50 lbs.

Janautica Anadyr sea kayak
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"The Anadyr was designed to be a fast seaworthy coastal touring kayak. I feel that it meets these objectives." -- Sea Kayaker Magazine

While it is well-suited for an afternoon jaunt up the bay, the Anadyr is designed as an expedition kayak for intermediate and experienced paddlers. It is a fast, responsive, and reasonably stable boat that is a joy to paddle in flat water or rough seas.

The upswept bow and stern of the Anadyr provide a classic sea kayak look as well as improving handling and keeping the boat dry in rough seas. In fact, when paddling without a spray skirt, the cockpit of this boat stays drier than any other boat I have seen.

The round bottom of the midsection narrows to a deep "v" in the ends, providing an outstanding balance of speed, straight-tracking, and turning ability. Although some may prefer to purchase the boat with a rudder, the design of the hull makes a rudder unnecessary.

The flared sides -- in cross section -- provide excellent secondary stability and allow the paddler to lean with confidence.

The above features combine to make this a boat whose performance is very sweet. The Anadyr's upswept stern and deep v ends make it a blast to surf in following seas. Its moderately rounded hull keeps it stable when paddling across the waves. And it seems to love to paddle into a head wind. This adds up to a great boat for anyone who wants to be able to paddle in all kinds of conditions.

The front and rear bulkheads and rubber hatch covers provide ample dry storage space for gear for extended trips.

Outfitting details include keyhole cockpit with thigh padded thigh braces, ergonomic seat, padded backrest, adjustable foot rests, front and rear deck lines, front and rear deck elastics, paddle groove, paddle lock, and carrying toggles.

The Anadyr is available in a variety of colors -- either solid or with a colored deck and white hull.

Janautica Anadyr

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Dimensions Weight Cockpit Dim. Cockpit Depth Capacity Hatches dim.
17'5" x 21.5" 50 lbs. 27" x 17" 12" 286 lbs. 10" (bow)
10" x 17" (stern)

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