Anadyr by Splashdance

Review by Dom Coscia, Atlantic Coast Kayak Company

Pros: True tracking; turns on a dime; fast; responsive; fairly lightweight; priced right.

Cons: Narrow beam means small seat; small 8" diameter bow and stern storage hatch openings.*

Hand-laid fiberglass 27"x16-1/2"

Approx. $1,400.00

Being a professional backcountry guide, and proprietor of a large retail paddle shop, I often have the opportunity to paddle many different kayaks. So, when Splashdance, Inc. approached me to become one of their dealers for the Jaunautica boats made in Italy, I told them I would first want to test the boats to determine if they met with my standards. Splashdance brought the company's 4 models to show me, and I was very impressed with them all. Consequently, I decided to become a dealer.

I was most impressed with the sleek 17-1/2' Anadyr. True to most Italian exotic designs, the Anadyr has beautiful lines and was a pleasure to paddle. It sliced through the water with little effort, turned on a dime, and tracked true. I found it to be a very fast, and exceptionally, responsive boat. I decided to use this boat as my lead trip boat on my tours, thus giving me the opportunity to test the boat under a wide variety of conditions. So far, I have led over 30 tours with the Anadyr in conditions such as 6' seas, wide open bays, tight twisty rivers, and 20 knot winds. I've found the Anadyr to handle all of these situations exceptionally well, and feel confident to use it anywhere with the exception of rivers rated class 3 or above. The hull design is so good that I have never felt the need to use a rudder or skeg.

As with every boat I have ever paddled, there were some areas that needed some minor improvements. Because it is a narrow boat (21" beam), and the seat is very narrow, it is not suited for those with wide hips. I'm 5'7" and 150 lbs. and this seemed to be the ideal weight for this boat. I did have a friend who is 6' at 190 lbs. paddle the boat, and he reported that he was comfortable and also very impressed with the boat's performance.

The manufacturer has stated it intended to offer a wider seat in the future. Recently the deck configuration has been redesigned to have a large oval valley style hatch on the rear deck, and a valley style 12" round on the front deck. This greatly improves access into the storage areas of the boat and makes it a true expedition style boat even though it has only medium-high volume capacity. This is a great improvement over the small round 8" Henderson that the boat originally was equipped with.

Everywhere I have taken the Anadyr, people remark what a beauty it is and ask if they can paddle it. The more experienced the paddler who tries it, the more impressed they are. The quality of workmanship is apparent in the construction of the boat, and the design is well thought out. The Anadyr comes complete with deck rigging, fore and aft bulkheaded water-tight storage compartments, adjustable footpegs, safety lines, a comfortable seat with back support, and very nice carrying handles.

When comparing this boat to other similarly equipped models, it should be priced at well over $2,000 but comes in at a suggested retail price of less than $1,400.

*Please note: newer models have wider seat and larger hatch openings.

Atlantic Coast Kayak Company