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Cricket Designs
Greenland Style Paddles

   Cricket Designs Inuit paddle
Cricket Designs "Inuit": a strong, durable traditionally shaped Greenland-style paddle artistically crafted with modern methods. (Avg. weight 30 oz. Maximum blade width 3.75 inches).
Sale: $30.00 off, plus free shipping. Like all paddles built by Cricket Designs, the Inuit is built with fiberglass-reinforced laminated wood that is then finished with 5 coats of epoxy resin and polyurethane. The blade tips (see detail above) are reinforced with dynel for added durability.

Cricket Designs Inuit paddles are light in weight, and even more importantly are well-balanced and have a light swing weight. The shape of the Greenland paddle plus the natural flex of wood result in a paddle that is very forgiving to the joints, muscles, and tendons. With a Greenland style paddle, you can paddle all day and feel less tired. Greenland style paddles handle beautifully in high winds and are extremely versatile for executing a variety of braces, rolls and skulling strokes. Greenland paddles also make great backup paddles as they stow easily and are less likely to scratch your deck. The Inuit is available as a custom order in lengths from 84 - 96 inches, and in widths from 3.5 - 4.75 inches.

Cricket Designs "Inuit" Greenland Style Paddle, 84" w/ 19 inch loom (fits most paddlers)
$250.00 Out of stock (Please contact us for availability).

Cricket Designs "Inuit" Greenland Style Paddle, 86" w/ 20 inch loom (suited to taller paddlers or wider boats)
$250.00 Out of stock(Please contact us for availability).

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