Customizing & Maintenance Tips:

Part of making a boat "your own" is modifying it to fit your body and your paddling needs. You may want to add additional foam padding for your seat, seatback, hips, knees, or heels. Closed cell foam is best for this purpose. It can be glued in place with contact cement or 3M spray cement.

Some paddlers like to add additional deck lines and / or deck elastics. If you are going on long trips or paddling in rough waters, you may want to rig your boat with a permanent line that can be used for towing rescues. Carrying at least one spare paddle per group is a good idea, and you may want to mount an additional deck cord near the stern for this purpose.

You also might want to put your name, address, and phone number in the boat with permanent marker.

You may want to give your boat an additional coat of wax (marine or car wax ) before you put it in the water. Depending how often you paddle , you may want to wax your boat 2 – 4 times per year. Wax (those containing Carnauba protect the longest) will protect your boat from UV degradation and also reduce the amount of scratches on the hull. Another excellent UV blocker is "303"— a high-tech UV blocker, which can be purchased at marine. Rubber hatch covers can also be treated with "303." Alternatively they can be treated with Armor-All, which is considerably less expensive.

Deep scratches — that go down to the fiberglass cloth — can be repaired with color-matched gelcoat sold at marine supply stores.

Spraying your boat inside and out with fresh water after using it in salt water will help prevent corrosion of fittings and keep it looking good. And finally, removing hatch covers during both storage and transportation is a good idea.

Happy Paddling!