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Why Water Walker? 10 Reasons to Shop With Us.

  1. We are avid paddlers with a small family-run business and are in this for the long run. We sell products that meet our standards for quality and value -- and that we are enthusiastic about.

  2. Just plain old good prices. We stay away from sales gimmicks and aim to keep prices low -- all the time, for all of our customers.

  3. No sales tax. Purchasing on-line or via phone order saves you from paying sales tax.

  4. Retail boat sales to out-of-state residents are likewise not subject to sales tax.

  5. Satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, we will return your payment as soon as the item is shipped back to us. In the case of break-down paddles and most gear, we will also refund the amount you pay for return shipping.

  6. Safe and economical shipping. We use a variety of shipping methods and have years of experience in packaging and shipping sea kayaks, paddles, and gear.

  7. Fast turnaround on orders. In most cases we can ship paddles and gear within 48 hours. Boats may longer to ship -- and another week for delivery -- but we can often do it faster if you're in a hurry.

  8. Special orders are easy. If you need a certain size, color, or product, we'll special order it at no additional charge.

  9. Water Walker uses state-of-the-art security to protect customers making on-line purchases. Your credit card information is not stored on our computers.

  10. Water Walker would never share, sell, or rent your information to anyone. Your information will remain confidential.

More FAQs including answers to questions about boat materials, shipping costs, how we keep our prices down etc.

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Shipping Kayaks:

Through arrangements with shipping specialists such as Fastenal, we can ship composite and polyethylene kayaks nationwide for considerably less than you could as a private individual.

Shipping costs for kayaks vary according to distance, quantity, type of carrier, and type of kayak being shipped. Polyethylene kayaks can be shipped to most destinations in the continental US by common carrier for $100.00- $150.00, including insurance.

We have two methods of safely shipping composite kayaks: (1) using a carrier that specializes in shipment of kayaks and canoes. (2) Using a really big custom made shipping carton, together with foam inserts, that can then be safely shipped by common carrier. Either way, the cost can run from $175 to $285 (including insurance) for shipping a single kayak. (The price per boat goes down if you are are shipping more than one).

If we ship via a specialty carrier, your wait will be longer but delivery is normally to your residence. If we ship via common carrier, we can normally ship within 3 - 5 days, and shipping is to the trucking service center nearest your home. Alternately, if you -- or a friend -- have a business address to which the kayaks can be shipped, the common carrier will ship there at no additional cost. (An extra charge of $75.00 usually applies for common carriers to make a residential delivery).

Shipping Paddles & Paddling Gear:

In-stock items are shipped within 36 hours of your order -- and often faster, especially if you ask. Depending on the item, we ship via UPS ground and Priority Mail. We can often ship Next Day Air or other express shipping if you ask. Extra charges apply. Our cost for shipping a 2-piece paddle ranges from $12.00 to $18.00. Our cost for shipping a 1-piece paddle ranges from $22 - $40.00.