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Kayak Safety Flag

"Possiby the most important piece of equipment beyond your pfd and paddle."

The Rispy on the Water -- Photos from Our Tours
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Kayaks and canoes have an extremely low profile – typically 2 ft or less above water - making them hard to be seen in even the best water conditions. This is clearly a major safety problem for everyone on the water, including operators of powerboats, sailboats, fisherman, sea planes, and even other kayaks and canoes.

The RISPY™® is a two-piece unit made of high impact plastic; with a florescent fiberglass mast and a sewn sock florescent pennant flag .The mounting kit contains epdm rubber washers, and a stainless steel hardware kit. This interlocking system provides a secure mount to the deck, and allows the user to quickly and easily remove and reattach the flag mount without tools.

If the flag mast is hit, the upper conical section will pop off and be retained by a safety strap to be popped back on, with no loss of the flag .This piece also has molded grips incorporated to help lock and unlock the base from the mount. The flag assembly can be easily detached from the base and used as an emergency hand held signaling device.

This product helps promote a safer environment for those who use the waterways for recreation.
Product Information: 1-Large 9x12- Heavy Duty - High Visibility Florescent Plasti-Cloth Sewn Sock Pennant Flag (not a glue on cheaply made that many others sell). Mounted on ¼” x 36” whip style (flexible) Reinforced Fiberglass Pole, safety yellow in color for added visibility. Florescent Flag Available in Blaze Orange Color. Heavy –Duty Constructed Mounting Kit. The mount will accept a deck thickness up to 3/4 of an inch, made of polyethylene a very strong composite material, with high impact strength. This unit also comes with 2 custom made EPDM Rubber washers that will not derogate and are not available in stores, also contains a Stainless steel mounting kit. (NO RUST). MAINTENANCE FREE

Rispy Mounting Instructions

The Rispy in Action -- Photos from Our Tours

Rispy Kayak Safety Flag
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