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Performance touring kayaks. Distinctive designs at affordable prices.
A passion for kayaking and a promise to provide personal service --
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We can arrange shipment of kayaks to most parts of the U.S. Please call or write for details.

QCC Kayaks QCC of Wisconsin builds composite sea kayaks of the finest quality based on the designs of John Winters. These boats are made to order and come with a lifetime guarantee. As a QCC affiliate, we can provide you with a chance to see and test paddle these beautiful kayaks now available in fiberglass, kevlar, kevlar/carbon, and all carbon.
Current sale: 15% off plus $100.00 discount and free shipping.

NC of Tacoma, Washington designs and builds these agile and lightweight performance craft. These boats are made to order and can be built and shipped to your specifications within as little as two weeks. As a NC affiliate, we can provide you with a chance to see, test paddle, and purchase these unique kayaks. Free shipping with every purchase!

Want to go fast? Check out the Ruahine Swallow, a 17.7 foot multisport racing boat imported by Simon Rivers Sports -- and available for demo or purchase at Water Walker.
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Pre-Season Specials
We've put together a selection of products sure to please. Included are a selection of dvd's and books, as well as a paddles and our Rispy Kayak Safety Flag.
Check them out!

These dvd's and more are
on our Pre-Season Specials page

Rispy Kayak Safety Flag Improve your visibility to other craft / Be seen on the water!


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