Water Walker Sea Kayaks: performance fiberglass touring kayaks by Janautica & Point 65  N

"Holy Deckbag, Water Walker! How do you keep prices so low?"

You well might ask.

How is it that the regular prices for our fiberglass kayaks are anywhere from $300 - $1200 less than the competition?

Truth is, people can actually be scared away by low prices. There is the sense that if a product sells for a bunch less, it must be inferior somehow. Not so! Our kayaks are solid, seaworthy, and thoughtfully designed -- and they paddle better than most of what's out there.
How do we do it then? Read on for some answers:
  • Inflation control. While other kayaks have gone up hundreds of dollars in recent years, our kayaks are priced essentially the same, making them a better value than ever.
Holy Deckbag!
  • Markup. Our current goal is to get our kayaks out on the market where they will be their own best advertising, so we're keeping sticker prices as low as possible.

  • Direct Marketing: With all three lines of kayaks we presently carry, the path from manufacturer is shorter and more direct than with most other kayaks being sold today. None of the three lines, for example, uses a full-time distributor.

  • Cost of retail space. Square footage of heated retail space in New England devoted to QCC, Janautica, and Point 65 N kayaks: Zip!. (If you visit our shop, however, we probably will invite you in to our kitchen table for a cup of coffee).

  • Advertising budget. When was the last time you saw a glossy full-page ad for Janautica, QCC, or Point 65 N in a national paddling magazine? Enough said.

  • Brochures? We don't have'em and don't believe in them. Saves everyone money. Saves trees.

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