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We're relocating -- sort of!
Our "location" continues to be the waterways of midcoast Maine -- but our shop and home base is moving to Monroe, Maine. We're excited about this new beginning for Water Walker. More details soon!

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Featured Resource: NOAA Booklet Charts
(free downloadable & printable charts of the U.S. coastline & Great Lakes.

From Waterlines, our paddling blog:

The Wildwater Kayak -- Versatile, Challenging, & Cool

The wildwater boat is sometimes viewed as a specialty boat, but in many ways it is more versatile than most of the boats on the market.  Imagine you wanted to combine the speed of a surf ski, the buoyancy of a creek boat, the turning ability of a slalom boat, and the toughness of a whitewater boat.  The  wildwater kayak is what you would end up with.

According to the United States Canoe Association, wildwater kayaks have a maximum length of 4.5 meters (14 feet 9 3/16 inches).  Rules prohibit wildwater kayaks from having rudders.  Other than that, the design of kayaks used for wildwater is open.  Most modern wildwater kayaks, however, are narrower than 20 inches at waterline and have considerable above-waterline reserve buoyancy.  Much of the reserve buoyancy is in the “wings” that flare out just aft of the cockpit . . .[click to continue]

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Featured Maine Kayak Tour

Deer Isle Archipelago, Maine
Embark in the morning light for a 7 hour sea kayaking tour amongst the magnificent islands and ledges that stretch between Stonington & Isle au Haut. This island area on the western edge of Penobscot Bay, Maine is renowned as one of the top paddling destinations in North America. One of our most popular tours.

Gift Certificates Available!

Dawn to Dusk Tour, Deer Isle, Maine

Water Walker Sea Kayak

We offer kayak tours, instruction, rentals (and ample amounts of free advice). Our kayak tours are family and user friendly -- you don't have to have a high-powered budget or be a high powered athlete. Yet our tours regularly go to some of the most spectacular and ambitious coastal locations offered by outfitters in Maine.

Our retail shop specializes in performance designs by quality manufacturers who keep costs low by limiting advertising and distribution costs. Because of this and low markup, we can offer you more boat for less money -- our fiberglass single sea kayaks start at $1795, and we can ship anywhere in the continental U.S.

As a backyard business in Belfast, Maine, our goal is to provide first class kayaks at prices everyone can afford. We offer neighborly service -- and can ship nationwide. Please contact us for more information.

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Updated May 30, 2016

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