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Lightning Paddles

Performance fiberglass touring paddles from Lightning Paddles of Colton, Oregon.

Standard Sea Touring

Note: Lightning Paddles has been sold to Robson of Germany. Several of the Lightning models are now being produced by Robson. We are working to bring a shipment of Lightning / Robson Paddles to the U.S. for immediate resale. Please check this space or contact us for more information..

Standard Touring w/ light fiberglass shaft: This classic fiberglass Lightning sea blade is our best for general, all around touring. Slight asymmetry and the smooth curve offer plenty of power, yet it's light, quick, and easy to control blade.

Please contact us to place an order.

Offshore: A longer and narrower asymmetric fiberglass touring blade that appeals to those who prefer this more traditional look. The slim blade has a really sweet feel in both the wind and the water.

Please contact us to place an order.

Special: Order 2 or more paddles and get free shipping on the first paddle(s).
Your satisfaction guaranteed on all paddle sales. If the paddle we send to you turns out not to be what you are looking for, return it to us, and we will refund your purchase price in full.

For more information on Lightning Paddles, please contact us
or visit the Lightning website at paddles.com

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