NC 17
Sea Kayak

Available in 4 Deck Configurations: Competition, Daytripper, Overnighter, Quest
17'2" x 23"
39 - 54 lbs.

(depending on choice of layup)

NC Explorer sea kayak, LT layup, lime green over white.
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Dimensions Weight Cockpit Dim. Cockpit Depth Capacity Hatch dim.
17'2"" x 23" 39 - 54 lbs. 31" x 16" 12.5" 300 lbs. varies w/ model

A few comments excerpted from the April 2001 Sea Kayaker magazine review of the NC 17:
--"The back of the seat provides good support and feels really comfortable."

--"The thigh bracing is provided by the molded-in recess for the cockpit coaming. The recess provided for a comfortable lip . . .Very good positive contact."

--"Good speed, quick acceleration. A good cruising speed can quickly be attained."

--"The Daytripper was one of those hull designs that I thought behaved very well. The balance in the wind was very good."


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"The NC 17 is a high-performance kayak that's designed to be quick and stable . . . The sleek hull provides fast accleration and extraordinary tracking. It's a great all-weather boat with exceptional rough-water characteristics."
-- Doug Searles & Greg Swenson, NC 17 Design Statement

The NC17 resembles the best British boats in its ability to handle rough water, yet it provides superior stability, construction, and comfort, and comes at a lower price. The deep fine ends of this kayak promote excellent tracking. The fineness of bow and stern also allows the boat to slice through waves, remaining steady rather than bucking up over them. The hyperbolic flange incorporated into the design helps keep the bow from plunging. Even in big waves, the flange together with the moderately crowned deck (sheds water readily), produces a dry ride. The flange also assists the boat in surfing in following waves and the deep stern (acts like a skeg) helps to reduce broaching.

The NC 17 is very quick to reach 4.5 knots -- and, aided by its 15.5 foot waterline, requires little effort to keep at that speed. Its modified shallow-arch hull has flared sides, providing outstanding secondary stability and moderate initial stability. The previously mentioned deep ends hold the boat on a straight course as long as it is upright, but once set on an edge it can be turned fairly quickly. Edging the boat further, so that the flange protrudes beneath the water, allows the paddler to spin the boat in a tight space.

The ergonomically molded fiberglass seat is very comfortable -- and is designed to allow for a layback roll as well as to maximize paddle stroke efficiency. The twist-operated hard plastic hatch covers are water-tight,durable, and easy to open. The deck rigging is thoughtfully laid out and the carrying toggles make for easy transport.

A fast and predictable kayak that's easy to get to & from the water. you'll paddle it a lot if you own one.

The NC 17 is available in 4 different deck layouts. Paddlers who primarily do day trips can minimize weight and cost by choosing the Competition or Daytripper. Paddlers who require more easily accessible storage space will prefer the Overnighter or Quest.

Prices subject to change. Please contact us before placing an order:

NC 17 Competition:
(hatchless / 2 bulkheads, racing, training).

Lightweight layup 39 lbs. / $2195.00
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NC 17 Daytripper:
(6" aft hatch; 1.5 cubic feet of storage; 2 bulkheads; daytrips, racing, training).
Standard layup 51 lbs. / $1995.00
Lightweight layup 42 lbs. / $2295.00
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NC 17 Overnighter:
(10" aft hatch; 4 cubic feet of storage; 2 bulkheads; day trips, overnight trips).
Standard layup 52 lbs. / $2095.00
Lightweight layup 43 lbs. / $2395.00
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NC 17 Quest:
(10" aft and 8" bow hatches; 5.5 cubic feet of storage; 2 bulkheads; day trips, overnight trips, & expeditions).
Standard layup 54 lbs. / $2195.00
Lightweight layup 45 lbs. / $2495.00
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Shipping Special: All NC Kayaks can now be shipped a freight service center near you at a cost of $195.00

Standard Features Include: "Performance flange" with marine grade rub strip, Yakima foot braces, high back contoured seat, carrying handles, safety bulkheads, deck safety lines and shock cords.

Standard Hull and Deck Colors: White, Medium Gray, Medium Blue, Rich Yellow, Orange, Deep Red, Magenta, Boysenberry, Lime Green, Hot Teal, Dark Green. Click here for color samples .

Available Installed Options: Steerable Feathercraft rudder system $295 .
Two Color Fade (deck only) $195

NC Kayaks are built to your specifications in just 2 - 3 weeks. Your kayak is then padded by a thick collar of foam, placed in a specially designed heavy carton, and shipped by common carrier. Shipping to a business or freight terminal near your home and normally takes 4 to 8 days.

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