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As an NC Kayaks affiliate, we are able to offer factory direct prices on NC Kayaks, whether you visit our shop or shop online. Until now, these fine boats have been only offered only from the manufacturer in Tacoma, Washington. We excited about this opportunity offer east coast paddlers a chance to see, test paddle, and purchase these quality sea kayaks.

NC Kayaks manufactures high performance composite sea touring kayaks suited for paddlers of all experience levels. The NC design provides an extremely clean entry and exit through the water. This allows these boats to be very quick and have exceptional tracking.

The unique hull design yields both strong initial and secondary stability. This is achieved by utilizing a soft chine matched with the NC "performance flange." The hyper-parabolic external flange dramatically increases the boat's longitudinal and torsional strength. It also produces bow lift in rough water, allows for the use of a marine grade rub strip, reduces deck wash, acts as a spray rail, and provides a stronger bond plane for deck-to-hull joint.

Also unique to NC Kayaks is that footbraces are bonded to the hull rather than being bolted into place. This eliminates holes through the side of the hull, decreases drag, and results in a stronger more solid footbrace.

The NC 17 is available in several deck configurations. This allows the customer to choose a boat closely suited to their needs. For example, paddlers who intend to do primarily day trips can save both in cost and weight by choosing a model with a stern hatch only. Note: even hatchless models come fully equipped with two bulkheads.

NC Kayaks are hand-built of the finest available materials and using the vacuum-bag method. While more costly than typical kayak construction methods, the NC layup has greater strength and reduced weight. The NC focus is on quality, performance and value.

Customers also have a choice between Standard and Light layup. The light and standard are both fiberglass lay-ups with vinylester resin. The NC light layup utilizes multiple layers of a very fine woven lightweight aircraft grade fiberglass cloth, and core mat in the cockpit area. The standard lay-up utilizes layers of 18 oz. woven roving, which is the most commonly used cloth used in construction of composite sea kayaks.

Deck and hull are bonded using Plexus, a high-strength structural adhesive now being used high performance marine and aerospace applications. The use of Plexus and the design of the flange produces a deck hull joint that exceeds the strength of the hull itself.

Standard Features Include: "performance flange" with marine grade rub strip, Yakima foot braces, high back contoured seat, carrying handles, safety bulkheads, deck safety lines and shock cords.

Standard Hull and Deck Colors: White, Medium Gray, Rich Yellow, Orange, Deep Red, Magenta, Boysenberry, Lime Green, Hot Teal, Dark Green, Medium Blue. Click here for color samples.

Available Installed Options: Steerable Feathercraft rudder system $295 .
Two Color Fade (deck only) $195.00

NC Kayaks are built to your specifications in just 2 - 3 weeks. Your kayak is then padded by a thick collar of foam, placed in a specially designed heavy carton, and shipped by common carrier. Shipping to the freight terminal nearest your home normally takes just 4 to 8 days.


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