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QCC Q400

15'3" x 24" 38 - 48 lbs.
(depending on choice of layup)

Dimensions Weight Cockpit Dim. Cockpit Depth Capacity Hatches dim.
15'3"" x 24" 46 lbs. 30" x 16" 14" 250 lbs. 16" x 8" (bow)
19" x 11" (stern)

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Design Statement: For the Q400, I had a good but not fanatical paddler in mind, a person who enjoys paddling but doesn’t feel any compulsion to prove himself with paddling gymnastics or constantly paddling at the outer limits of his abilities. In short, a paddler who places greater value in his experience on the water than his experience in the kayak. Most paddlers don’t have the time to learn advanced skills until they become instinctive (the only kind of skills that even work part of the time) and the “best” kayak for this kind of paddler forgives minor lapses in attention and doesn’t force the paddler to fit the kayak. The Q400 fits this need by providing solid stability even at high angles of heel, superb directional stability, and a forgiving nature in confused seas. Its long waterline length gives it a good turn of speed that will help you cover a lot of water on those trips where you have limited time to reach and return from your destination. --John Winters

Because of its relatively compact (15'3") overall length, the Q400 is easy to underestimate. But make no mistake, this is much more than a playboat. With its 14'9" waterline and 250 lb. capacity, the Q400 is all the kayak most paddlers will ever need. Its waterline, in fact, puts it in a class with boats such as the Looksha IV, the Caribou, the Falcon, and the Meridian. (The Q400's waterline is equal to that of the average 17' kayak.) Yet its compact size makes it significantly easier to turn into the wind, to carry, to cartop, and to store than these longer kayaks.

True to its designer's intent, the Q400 is remarkably stable and forgiving. For these reasons, it is a great boat for novices and intermediates, and for advanced paddlers who value comfort, stability, and being able to relax on the water. It's stability makes it suitable for photography, fishing, birdwatching . . . spending the day in. It handles predictably and well. It's semi-hard chines and shallow "v" hull provides both tracking and stability. On a lean, this boat feels exceptionally secure, and it continues to feel solid in choppy, confused seas -- just when so many other boats start to feel squirrelly.

The Q400 tracks well without a rudder and is very responsive to edging. A rudder is available, however, for those who want added security and control when paddling in rough seas.

The peaked deck sheds water rapidly and allows a long, deep cockpit that is easy to get in and out of. Yet the narrowness of the cockpit and the sloping underside of the deck also provides excellent thigh bracing.

The Rapidpulse Deluxe Touring seat is easy to sit in for long trips. Additional outfitting details include foam thigh braces, 1/4" deck elastics, deck lines, flush fiberglass hatch covers with safety tethers, composite bulkheads, SealLine foot braces, and bow & stern carrying toggles.

Options include Options include SealLine SmartTrack rudder, skeg, thigh braces, compass, deck pump, and fishing rod holder. Colors include Canada Red, Expedition Yellow, Sky Blue, Gulfside Teal, and 9 others -- or you can choose your own.

The Q400 is also available with stern hatch only (Q400S), or with no hatches (clean deck). (These options reduce both cost and weight for paddlers who don't require 2 storage hatches).

Also available in kevlar layup (44 lbs., add $300.00), kevlar/carbon (41 lbs., add $450.00, or carbon fiber (38 lbs., add $600.00).

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