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QCC Q600

16'8" x 21" 38 - 50 lbs.
(depending on choice of layup)

Dimensions Weight Cockpit Dim. Cockpit Depth Capacity Hatches dim.
16'8"" x 21" 50 lbs. 30" x 16" 12" 325 lbs. 16" x 7" (bow)
19" x 10" (stern)

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Design Statement: The Q600 should appeal most to skilled paddlers who place a high priority on speed and responsiveness. The narrow beam and low freeboard encourage efficient strokes no matter what style of paddling you use. Despite the narrow beam, the Q600 has enormous secondary stability and feels rock solid at high angles of heel. For long trips you will want to pack more efficiently than with a Q500 but an average sized paddler should have no trouble getting enough gear and food in for a week’s touring. --John Winters

The Q600 is a medium volume touring kayak with exceptionally clean lines that is suitable for both day and extended trips. Its 21 inch beam and 16'3" waterline make for fast and seemingly effortless paddling.

Its long waterline and low profile aid tracking, especially in windy conditions. Meanwhile, the slight rocker of the hull (from bow to stern) enhances maneuverability. The rounded "v" hull shape (in cross-section) of the Q600 provides a surprising amount of both primary and secondary stability for a 21" boat. True to its designer's intent, the Q600 feels very solid at high angles of heel.

The Q600 provides a great ride in following seas -- again feeling very stable but accelerating easily to stay on the front of a wave. For these reasons, it is a great boat for intermediate and advanced paddlers -- and for athletic novices who like challenges.

This is a very comfortable boat that will especially be appreciated by medium-sized and smaller paddlers who might feel lost in bigger boats. The peaked deck sheds water rapidly and allows a long cockpit that is easy to get in and out of. Yet the narrowness of the cockpit and the sloping underside of the deck also provides excellent thigh bracing.

The Rapidpulse Deluxe Touring seat is easy to sit in for long trips. Additional outfitting details include foam thigh braces, 1/4" deck elastics, deck lines, flush fiberglass hatch covers with safety tethers, composite bulkheads, SealLine foot braces, and bow & stern carrying toggles.

Options include SealLine SmartTrack rudder, skeg, thigh braces, compass, deck pump, and fishing rod holder. Colors include Canada Red, Expedition Yellow, Sky Blue, Gulfside Teal, and 9 others -- or you can choose your own.

The Q600 is also available with stern hatch only (Q600S), or with no hatches (clean deck). (These options reduce both cost and weight for paddlers who don't require 2 storage hatches).

Also available in kevlar layup (46 lbs., add $300.00), kevlar/carbon (42 lbs., add $525.00), or carbon fiber (38 lbs., add $900.00).

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